What Our Clients Are Saying


Thank you for all the information. I greatly appreciate your thoroughness. Hope you have wonderful holidays and continue to bless other people with your wealth of knowledge.


Thanks for the prompt response. I also want to let you know that I was impressed with your inspection. I’ve had several inspections over the years, and this was the first time I felt that the inspector pointed out things that I would have missed!


You’ve altered my perception of house inspectors. It was a valuable investment for us. Thank you for your thorough work.


Thank you so much for such a complete report. It was great to meet you and I really appreciate your attention to detail. You clearly are a master home inspector and I will certainly recommend you in the future. Good luck with your own home in New Hampshire.

Beth and Nancy

Thank you for your prompt  reply.  You did a terrific job inspecting the house–we learned a lot, enjoyed talking to you, and feel like we have good, solid information about the house.  We were impressed with your patience and good nature, your extensive experience, your ability to explain things and your attention to detail.  I especially appreciated your tips on how to fix things–it made a big difference.  We will certainly recommend you to our friends.


Many thanks for the very timely and very thorough inspection report.  It was a real treat for me to accompany you during the inspection and learn so much about home inspections and old houses. Again, my sincerest thanks for the time you spent with us yesterday and for the very high quality of the service you performed. Best regards,